Digital Narratives. And the Narrative of Romance Readers as Early E-Adopters.

I’ve just come home from a panel at my university on the topic of digital narratives. I thought I would share a bit of it.

The first speaker, a New Media professor, listed five areas of change: new forms of authorship, new relations between author and readers, new methods of publication, new forms of interaction, and new forms of communication and thinking.

She shared different kinds of digital narratives with the audience. Most of the links (as well as the rest of the talk) are collected here. One narrative, Ruben and Lullaby, is an app that is a sort of game where shaking or stroking the screen makes the trajectory of the relationship change. Here is a short video of someone playing it. Another one that looks really interesting is Trauma, a game in which a young woman wakes up in hospital having survived a car crash that killed both her parents. The player acts as a psychologist, and explores four dreams built from photographs mixed with strange, unreal seeming images.

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