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  1. Sorry all on the last post. Our internet was down for multiple days since I made it and now I have a major life decision to make in real life so I can’t get back to it. Althouh I also can’t post on it so maybe I was banned.

    Evangline, you’re right I did throw down a gauntlet although the interesting thing is that if I made that grade school comment within say a Socrates Cafe meeting, it would not be nearly so gauntlet like. I did want a reaction but not the flame war variety but a hey, do we need to look at this type. Written online communication gives it more enflaming force than I meant to convey. That and I’m major stressed. (and in case anyone was wondering I did not read the Rolling Stone article on Fox News prior to my commentary on the press.)

    Have a nice hiatus, Jessica. And may everyone a lovely holiday weekend if they have one.

    thanks again all.

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  2. @AQ: No you were not banned. I am closing comments so I don’t have to worry about spam comments or hackers while I am “away.” thanks for understanding!

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