I'm on Vacation

I’m on vacation, and it’s already been very exciting. At the Miami ariport yesterday, I saw actor David Caruso at the baggage claim (hey, youtry getting 10 days’ worth of clothing into a carryon!). I texted my husband back home (this is a mom-daughter-children trip) and he texted back: “Tell him you loved Jade!”. I didn’t do that, because by the time I turned around to get a second look, he had been escorted into a special room and handed his luggage, while the rest of us plebes waited for 30 minutes in the heat and noise.  

Anyway, we are going on a cruise and I doubt I will be doing much posting, because the prices for internet access are steep on the ship. My mom is a big cruising fan, and my last Caribbean cruise was in 1994, with her. I was in graduate school, and had a terrifying seminar on Heidegger that semester. I brought Being and Time with me and stayed in my cabin the entire week reading it.

Cruising has changed a lot since then, I am coming to realize. Instead of watching the ocean go by with a drink in your hand, you are supposed to DO things. There’s a climbing wall, a surfing pool, you name it. Of course, this works well for kids. My sons are most excited about the ice skating rink on the ship. Hmmm. You can take the boys out of Maine … 

I hope to actually get outside the cabin this time, but in order to maintain the tradition of mixing post-Kantian German philosophy with American indulgence and excess, I downloaded Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil to my Kindle, which I badly need to reread. Maybe I’ll post on it!

I’m reading Adele Ashworth’s Winter Garden and Lisa Valdez’s Patienceat the moment, as well as a collection of essays by Sloane Crosley and, of course, Dracula. I am not sure if I mentioned this, but my proposal for a paper on vampire fiction and bioethics was accepted at the major conference in my field (and by “major conference” I mean, specifically, “conference that has rejected my proposals in the past”). The best thing about it is that between now and October, everything vampire-related that I read can count as “work”! Finally, I plan to read some Carolyn Jewel and Carry Lofty in preparation for RomCon.

Have a great week!


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