What are the ICONIC Romance Novel Covers?

Abe books recently did a post on 25 iconic book covers, and AIGA (a professional association for design) just released it’s Best 50 Covers of 2009 — several of which are truly breathtaking.

All this cover talk got me thinking: we make fun of the awful romance covers. But what are the covers that are iconic? The ones that make you stop and stare … and keep staring? That make you pick up the book? The ones that still throw you right back to the moment you read it? The ones whose spine you can pick out on a crowded book shelf from 50 feet away.

Being a newbie to the genre, I am relying on you guys. If you have some suggestions, make them and I will put the images in the body of the post. But to get things started, here are a few covers that seem like contenders to me:

And here’s a cover which I doubt is iconic, but which I could not resist: Can you imagine a time when someone thought a paranormal cover wouldn’t sell, so they decided to make the book look like a historical????

Ok, what are the covers you would consider iconic? Or do covers change so often in romance that the category doesn’t exist?

Additions below”

Surrender My Love

Carla Kelly Daughter of Fortune

Will we refer to this as the Kamp era?

An Early Presents

The Presesnts Circle!

Hmm. Is this a UF? It's so hard to tell! ;)


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