What I've Been Doing on my Hiatus

As you can tell, I’ve been too busy to blog lately. First the hack thing, from which the blog seems to have finally emerged after 2 weeks of hell. But now I’m teaching a summer course, and tomorrow I leave at 5:30am for a palliative care conference in the southern part of the state. Not enough for you?

Here are some other excuses:

1. We’ve been redecorating/remodeling the entire first floor. Our kitchen as I type this (and forget the counters and floor):

Can't decide on cabinet colors. Kids like them as is.

2. Trying get the summer camp/travel schedules set…

3. Watching a lot of soccer, both professional and this kind:

My little Pele

4. Moving into a new office at the university:

And you can see I haven't gotten very far...

So, while these are all good things, lately I look and feel like this:

uh oh. Mommy has the crazy eyes. And hair. Run!!

I’ll be back. Thanks for your patience!


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