Monday Morning Stepback: PM Edition: how to gift an ebook?

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1. Links of Interest

Books on the Knob is a good bet for finding out about free or inexpensive Kindle reads.

The controversial LA Weekly article on the m/m phenomenon, with commentary from Teddypig.

My real life persona got friended on Facebook by Steve Fellner. I have no idea who he is, but his blog, Pansy Poetics, is a lot of fun. And here’s a very funny interview he did at Almost Dorothy.

Another blog I have been enjoying is Conversation Reading. Check out this post on Negative and Short Reviews.

Romance Buy the Book has a good post on the class at Yale to be taught in spring 2010 by alums and romance authors, Lauren Willig and Cara Elliott. I had the pleasure of meeting Willig at the PCA conference in April and I’m betting that’s a terrific class.

The whole health care “reform” situation is too upsetting and too much like work for me to blog about (the blog is my happy place), but I had to share this from David Waldman as quoted by Ezra Klein in his WashPo piece on the abortion compromise:

The problem with leaving the decision up to the states, he says, is that it doesn’t go far enough. “I think states should leave the abortion question up to the counties,” he explains. “Then I think counties should leave the abortion question up to municipalities. Then the neighborhoods should leave the abortion question up to each block.” And each block, as you might have guessed, should leave the abortion question up to each household.

This guest column at RtB by Heather Massey of the Galaxy Express on physical violence between heroes and heroines is very interesting. I am not sure how I feel about it, actually.

Tumperkin is offering some thoughtful reflections, and hosting a great discussion, on reader beliefs and values and how they interact with the story.

2. Gifting e books

A number of the m/m books I have been reading (and yes, I will eventually post all of the remaining Ham/mukah reviews) are e-format only. I only just realized I cannot give those books to readers. Apparently Fictionwise has a “buy for a friend option” but other sites do not. Someone on Twitter said that she buys the ebook for herself and then sends it via email to the contest winner. Though this is a violation of copyright, it is hard to see what is wrong with it, assuming she has her own copy already. What do you think? Do you give away ebooks on your blog? How?

3. Merry Christmas!

Here’s a typical conversation in my neck of the woods:

Hair stylist: So, what are you doing for Christmas?
Me: I don’t celebrate Christmas. I celebrated Hanukkah.
Hairstylist: (long pause) But you decorate?
Me: No, I don’t celebrate Christmas. I enjoy other people’s decorations, though.
Hairstylist: Huh. So what do you put on your tree?
Me: *Sigh*.

I hope everyone has a great time doing over Christmas whatever it is they plan to do, even if it’s nothing. My mother celebrates Christmas, and she was kind enough to retire and move up to the hinterlands to be near us (5 doors down actually) four years ago when she could see were were doing a rather shoddy job of trying to have careers and raise our children while staying sane. Since then, I have never had to worry about where the kids will go after school, what I will do if one of them has to stay home sick or on vacation and I have to work, and I have had free babysitting every weekend (the kids call it “Camp Grandma” and some weekends they go to her even when Mr. Racy and I are staying in). When I think about the blessings in my life, my mother is foremost in my mind, despite the fact that she just quit reading Outlander 1/3 of the way in, telling me “it’s awful”. We go to her house Christmas morning in our jammies and open presents and have a big breakfast. It’s very nice.

4. Coming up on the blog

More m/m reviews, a review of Bitten by Kelley Armstrong and Pleasure and Purpose by Megan Hart, and I feel a bout of ridiculousness coming on, so stay tuned for silly posts.

Happy Week!

12 responses

  1. I think I love your mother, just because she doesn’t love Outlander. There are so few people in the romance reading community who aren’t Gabaldon sycophants. (Although I didn’t LOVE it, I didn’t think it was unreadable…of course, I was on a 9 hour flight with no other reading material, so my attention was focused.)

    I gave away an ebook once. Afterward I deleted it from my hard drive and from my sent mail folder, since it was no longer mine. I still felt bad about the copyright, even though the deletions effectively negated the duplication issue that is the crux of the copyright violation. The lack of ability to transfer as I would a paperback is a big drawback, because there are a lot of ebooks I would like to buy to give to other readers. Ironically, I *know* that some ebooks that I’ve recommended have been read…via pirated copy; if I could give those copies away, the authors would’ve gotten royalties, but since I couldn’t they ended up with nothing.


  2. Thanks for linking to my post at RTB and for reading it.

    Heroes and heroines who face each other in a combat situation can make for exciting stories but it’s not for everyone. I don’t think we’re in danger of it becoming a huge trend anytime soon! And fortunately I’ve not come across any gratuitous violence in such scenes. So far, everything I’ve read fits the story. When I wrote the post, I was very much thinking in terms of action adventure stories, not domestic violence of any kind.


  3. Hi,
    I’ve given away several ebooks on my blog, although they’ve always been provided by the author of the ebook and they are the ones to send the ebook via email to the winner.

    I’ve also given away an ebook (sortof) to someone by purchasing a GC to Books on Board for the dollar amount that it would cost them to purchase that particular ebook. I don’t know if they actually ended up purchasing what the GC was intended for, but is the only way I’ve been able to come up with that doesn’t violate copyright laws.


  4. For many years, my Jewish kids also got to “double-dip” at my non-Jewish family’s Christmas celebration. Now we do what we think is the truly Jewish thing to do – a movie and Chinese take-out.


  5. On ebook giveaways, I contact the winner and cc the author. In the body of the email I tell the winner that the author was cced so the two can get in touch directly about the prize. I haven’t heard back from most winners one way or another on if they like this method or not. The one winner who did respond said she really appreciated it though. :)

    Edit: No response from authors on if they like this method or not so far, either, but no complaints, so I’ll take that as “It’s fine.” Also, I think this way is better because the authors know the winning reader is the only one to get the ebook.


  6. @heidenkind: It’s like a nongift in a way, isn;t it?

    @jmc: See, that’s the thing. If the duplication is the issue, and you avoid that — especially by buying a second copy to give — it seems to me to be ok. The lending and gifting is such an important part of the experience of literacy and book reading. I still wouldn’t; do it, but for other reasons.

    @Heather Massey: Heather I found your blog really thought provoking, because it raises the question of whether there can be “fair” violence between women and men. As a philosopher, that’s one of the highest compliments I can give! Thanks you for stopping by.

    @Booklover1335: See, and the GC just doesn’t feel the same, but I agree that is one way to do it legally.

    @JeanneTops: LOL. For years we had chinese with Jewish friends, who have, alas, moved away (this is a common problem when you live in the frigid hinterlands). But I do think we are going to see Invictus Christmas day with the kids, in prep for our S. Africa trip next week.

    @Keira: thanks Keira. I think if I took free books form authors this would work, but I am trying to find a way to pay for them myself, and give them away.


  7. and have a specific gift a friend feature. You buy the book you want to give them then in your library (before you download) there is a gift icon to click on. You provide the email of your friend and they get notified that you have sent them an ebook gift. No copyright issues and you get to be specific about the book.

    I love to use this feature in contests when I want to give away another authors book instead of mine.



  8. I hope you enjoy “Bitten” – I ended up winning Kelley Armstrong’s backlist while working at Chapters and she’s one of the few urban fantasy authors I enjoy, I think because while the series is ongoing, the relationship-romances conclude in some way at the end of each novel.

    I’m always hinky about series in any genre because, well, I like endings. I hate thinking “Oh, this character’s set up real well now – but, crap, if there are 12 more books coming you know something’s going to mess it up!”


  9. and both allow for the gifting of specific eBook titles and the gifting of certificates (we call them eBook Bucks). We’ve been running a very popular Go Green For the Holiday’s campaign since mid-November. With eBook readers being such a popular gift this holiday season, many people are seeking out eBooks as well. Pre-loading a reader with some choice titles to get someone started or a gift certificate to encourage buying is a great idea.

    Lori James
    Chief Operating Officer
    All Romance eBooks, LLC


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