REVIEW: Overheard, by Maya Banks


I downloaded this novella because I’ve always wanted to read something by Maya Banks, whose very cool sounding name seems to be everywhere, and the shorter length was about what I could handle this week. Published in 2007, Overheard is categorized by Samhain as “Contemporary Romance”. Perhaps because I purchased on the Kindle (approximately 100% of my purchases are ebooks these days), I didn’t notice the subgenre or the “Caught By Cupid” on the cover, and found myself surprised by the romantic angle.

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The RRR Questionnaire Taunts You a Third Time!

With Kristie(j) of the wonderful Ramblings on Romance. Kristie was one of the first people to visit, comment, and pimp my blog, and I will be forever grateful for her support. I’m awed by the breadth and depth of romance knowledge Kristie brings to the blogging world.

Monty Python

1. What motivated you to start your blog?

I had just lost the job I had for six years and it helped fill the time until I found another job.  I was a frequent poster on message boards, but I also wanted something on a more intimate level.  I had noticed some other posters had blogs such as Rosario, Wendy, and Keishon, as did another blogger, Maili, who has since left blog land.*  All us long time bloggers really miss her. Laurie Gold of AAR was another one who inspired me and I decided to see if I could get one.  I tried 3 times before I actually figured out how they worked.

*Maili is back, at least on Twitter.

2. Are those still the reasons you blog?

That’s part of it – though I do have a job now so that takes time away from blogging :( What keeps me blogging is all the incredible people I meet through blogging.  Some I’ve even met in person and it’s been an incredible experience.  Right away there is this instant connection felt through our love of romance.

3. How has your blog changed since you started it?

Hopefully not much at all :). I think the writing might be a wee bit better – but other than that I think it’s pretty much the same.  I’ve been doing it for five years now and I think a post I did back at the beginning is a lot like the kind I do now.

4. If you had to describe your blog to someone with an incredibly short attention span, how would you do it? (One word or fewer, please).

LOL – how can I get fewer then one word? I like the word “quirky.” Hopefully that fits – it’s what I’m aiming for.

5. If you could only read one romance blog (other than your own, chica — I am one step ahead of your ego!) for a week on a desert island which would it be? [I’ll start this answer for you: “This is so hard. There are so many great blogs. Blah Blah Blah.” Now SPILL!]

Oh that is a cruel, cruel question!!  ONLY on the condition that I get all the rest back again, I think I’d have to say Karen Scott’s It’s My Blog and I’ll Say What I Want To.  First off I love the name of her blog.  Although she doesn’t do many reviews anymore – AztecLady does them so I get my fix for those. Karen is controversial and sometimes I think she goes a wee bit too far (but then as her title says….) but she is always interesting! Also she really raised my conscience level in not buying AA authors I’ve since purchased a number of them and the ones I’ve read I’ve enjoyed.  Plus – she started reading Lisa Kleypas ’cause of my Dreaming of You campaign.

6. Do you sometimes feel like blogging has taken over your life? And if not, what is the matter with you and why aren’t you more committed?

The only negative is I have less time for actually reading these days *g* Blogging and the people I’ve met online through blogging have changed my life – I know – that’s a dramatic sounding statement but it’s true.  When my husband was so ill and I couldn’t leave him I could still connect with people.  Even though I felt alone at times I knew I wasn’t.  And after he died, the support I found among my blogging buddies helped me get through it – and still does. I live by myself and don’t watch a lot of TV so knowing I have a whole world of friends out there is an incredible experience.  And a couple of years ago when I went to the RWA conference in Dallas, Wendy – the SuperLibrarian, Sybil of The Good, The Bad, The Unread and Jane of Dear Author – all my roomies – helped to make it a truly magical experience!!!  And this is going to sound very odd – but I felt Ron’s presence through the whole time – and he was happy for me and he was very pleased with the three of them – and everyone I met who made it such an incredible experience.

7. What are your long term goals for your blog?

To have fun and to share what I love about the romance genre – and other things that amuse me and sometimes make me angry.  That’s it.

8. What unique contribution to Romanceland does your blog make (can be a negative contribution if you’re feeling self-esteem challenged today)?

*laughing* I like this question! Well – I hope a lot of people loved North and South the way Sula, Katiebabs and I did after we had The Great North and South  Crusade!! And I hope a lot of people read Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas and had fun during ‘The Rumble’ between Derek Craven (headed by me) and Sebastian of Devil in Winter headed by Sybil. And ackkk – this almost makes me uncomfortable – but I think I helped with some of the success of Broken Wing by Judith James. At least in people hearing about the book.  The great writing of the author took care of the rest.  And now there is my latest challenge – to get readers to try Theresa Weir books because I think they are incredible.

9. What’s one thing another blogger or bloggers do that you admire?

Whatever Jane Litte of Dear Author does.  Mind you I’m totally lost when she starts talking about ebooks.  But she really has her finger on the pulse of the romance industry in so many ways, whether it’s her “Author’s first sale” feature or her First Page feature.  And I’ve have the pleasure of meeting her and she is a wonderful person.

[In the interest of full disclosure, I edited this response. Kristie originally added: “Surprisingly, considering the even temper and spirit of generosity that infuses her blog, at the Dallas RWA Jane covered my nightstand with her army of electronic gadgets, stole the covers, and tended to snore.”]

10. Name a blog you enjoy that deserves way more readers:

Ack!!  That’s a real tough one!!  Not meaning to suck up or anything but I love your blog!!  Ever since I first found you (and, no that’s not the start of a love sonnet *chuckle*), I’ve been impressed with so many of your posts.  Yours is a most interesting and thought-provoking blog.  And – there are lots of others too.

[Edited to add: It’s in the small print, they HAVE to name check me.]

11. How hot is your blog’s look? Choose your scale:

Vegetarian Rating Scale: Scorching, Smoking, Glowing, Tingling, hot coffee, cup of tea (caffeinated), cup of tea (herbal), milk (tepid), O’Doul’s, ice water.

Carnivore Rating Scale: Christian Bale, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington, Nathan Fillion, Simon Baker, Zac Efron, Jonas Bros (all three), Jonas Bros (any one), Paul Giametti

Omnivore Rating Scale: Christian Bale, Halle Berry, Hellboy, Charlize Theron, Doctor Manhattan, Daniel Radcliffe, Lady GaGa, Alf, iCarly, E.T.

Well – since I didn’t design it – I only gave a vague description of what I was looking for – I can be totally honest here … Glowing!!  And I like it!

12. Kindly enter the Blog Stat Slut Box (you can’t see it, but you now have a truth telling digital lasso around your computer and cannot lie) (although there is a loophole for exaggeration, hyperbole, and false modesty)

a. Number of times a day you check your stats (readers, multiply by 3 to get a more accurate number):

Do you mean do I have a stat counter?  Yes, I do – StatCounter.  I don’t understand a lot of what the stuff means though.

[Kristie has a bridge to sell to any interested parties, as well. ;)]

b. Give it up. How many subscribers do you have? Hits per day?

It depends – sometimes I can go a number of days without looking at it – other times maybe once or twice a day.

I think I have 26 subscribers – that’s one of those vague areas I don’t understand that well.  The hits fluctuate between 200 to 300 a day.  The real thrill I get though isn’t so much the number of hits as much as seeing all the different parts of the world people drop in from – that’s really exciting!!

[Readers, can anyone refer Kristie to an Intensive Remedial Stats Reading Institute? If that blog has only 26 subscribers, then I’m Michelle Obama, and I assure you, I am no inveterate bicep flasher or improper toucher of royalty.]

c. Are you happy with those numbers? And if so, why don’t you have any ambition?

You ask tough questions!! heh heh heh.  I’m human – I like seeing the numbers go up and I’d like more.  But whenever I do start thinking that way I check myself and remember that’s not why I blog – for big numbers.  I blog to have fun and hopefully people who drop by will feel entertained and want to come back again.

13. What’s one bit of advice you could offer to anyone thinking about buying a piece of real estate in Romanceland?

The best piece of advice I can give is too just be yourself.  Don’t try and imitate someone else  – just be yourself.  And if you want people to start visiting – go out and visit them first.  Leave comments. I think we all love comments.

Welp, that’s all folks.

Thank you Kristie!

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